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  • Letters #13

    Dear Husband, I love it when I fall asleep in your arms and then your muscles start to twitch and then your arm shoots up and smacks me in the face. It’s cute. Dear Sagra, Thank you for a lovely evening with my girlfriends this weekend. Seeing the menu and finding a cocktail named after […]

  • Letters #12

    Dear Husband, Today you did a dance with your sweater tied around your shoulders, then did a catwalk strut. Thanks for always making me laugh. Dear Downton Abbey, Because of you, I am in love with an heir, I despise an Acting Sergeant, and I am desperately hoping for the marriage of a valet and […]

  • Moments #3

    This is how my father-in-law ate his slice of pizza. I asked him why he rolled it up, and he said, “It’s just easier to eat that way.” Then he put a pepper on top so it would “look pretty.” This was so strange to me, but immediately afterward, Justin did the same thing. They’re […]

  • Letters #11

    Dear Husband, Recently someone told us we looked like college students, and asked how we stay so young. I think it’s because of you, and your love for life, and your happiness, and your laughter. Thanks. Dear God, Thank you thank you thank you thank you for the upcoming week of temperatures in the low […]

  • Letters #10

    Hope you’re all keeping cool, wherever you may be. 🙂