Category: Letters + Moments

  • Letters #16

    Dear Fresa’s, Thank you for being within walking distance of my home. Thank you for your deliciously roasted local chicken, your crunchy churros, and your half coffee/half horchata drink. See you again soon. Dear Husband, Yesterday I was hot and frustrated and tired and thirsty when we got home. Before I could even take off […]

  • Moments #5

    I read her card and teared up as my heart swelled. Justin said, “See? You are loved.” There were oysters, and mackerel, and cuttlefish. Salmon and eel and eggplant and sea bream. Most importantly, there were friends to greet us at the door, and glasses of wine, and his eyes gazing into mine. I remember […]

  • Letters #15

    Dear God, Please take good care of my Grandma Yaya. I know she is with my Grandpa now, and that she is happy to be in your arms. I will always remember her crinkly eyes, her perfect cheeks, her happy smile, her generosity. I know that she was ready to see you and Grandpa, and […]

  • Moments #4

    We walked back from the market, he carrying the tote full of herbs and cheese and ice cream, me pulling off bits of baguette – one for him, one for me. I realized that I had dreamed of this moment for much of my life, and it didn’t matter that we weren’t in Paris. There […]

  • Letters #14

    Dear Bluebonnets, You’re pretttttty. Dear Husband, Thank you for taking me out for walks and picnics and cappuccinos and chili-cheese fries and movies and snow cones and fun. All my base are belong to you. Dear Family, Thanks for a wonderful weekend and yummy food and old jewelry and owl presents. You made me feel […]