Letters #12

Dear Husband,

Today you did a dance with your sweater tied around your shoulders, then did a catwalk strut. Thanks for always making me laugh.

Dear Downton Abbey,

Because of you, I am in love with an heir, I despise an Acting Sergeant, and I am desperately hoping for the marriage of a valet and a lady’s maid. Also, because of you I randomly say, “Oh, Mista Bates!!” Thanks for that.

Dear 83 Degrees in Austin Today,

I’m SURE you were just a fluke. I’m not done with our little winter/spring just yet. In fact, I haven’t even worn all of my different tights or boots yet. How ’bout you stay away for just another month or so?

Dear Little Kitchen,

I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately. I know we’ve been away, dining at restaurants most nights of the week, but truth be told, I’m ready for us to spend some time together again. Especially with the help of a few cookbooks. Thanks for waiting for me.

Dear February,

I know you’re a short month, but if you could pass by just a bit slower than the other months, I’d really appreciate it. Not only is my book deadline coming up very, very soon, but I also meant to make time to send Valentines and bake heart-shaped sugar cookies and pink cupcakes and such. Slow and steady wins the race, okay, February?

Dear Paul Qui,

Go, go, go! We’re so proud of you!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

6 responses to “Letters #12”

  1. Downton Abbey is AMAZING. I’m about to start watching Season 2 online in like 3 minutes!

    And where is that pic taken? Such a cool location! 🙂

    1. Yay! Oh, Downton Abbey.

      The photo was taken at Ocho in the Hotel Havana in San Antonio, way back when. I just recently developed a roll of film. 🙂

  2. I cannot handle the stress of watching Top Chef: Texas! I sit curled up on my couch vibrating with anticipation, yelling at the screen:

    Paul! It’s too sweet!

    Lindsay, this is what karma tastes like! Pedal on, gurl!

    (I’m unkind, I know it.)

    1. I know! I get so angry! I’m not used to watching reality shows, so the drama is just overwhelming! And the cliffhangers! Grrrr…

  3. This shot of your Justin is superb! He’s looking all handsome and dandy there.

    (Also I had to comment on your muffin with icing photo from January. I just stared at it and kept thinking, “How did she bite it without really biting it?” then found out it was your cat. So cute.)

    1. He is quite handsome – thank you!

      And yes, my cat only likes the frosting! Weirdo…

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