Letters #16

Dear Fresa’s,

Thank you for being within walking distance of my home. Thank you for your deliciously roasted local chicken, your crunchy churros, and your half coffee/half horchata drink. See you again soon.

Dear Husband,

Yesterday I was hot and frustrated and tired and thirsty when we got home. Before I could even take off my shoes, you handed me a glass of cold, cold water. It’s the little sweet things you do that make me swoon.

Dear Brother-O-Mine,

Thank you for sending this video to my sister and me. I remember playing these games. I also remember you lifting me off the ground by my ears (supposedly) and rolling me up like a burrito in the rug. And one time, you let me sit on your lap in the back of the bus with your cool high school friends. You rock.

Dear Rain,

Thank you for your visit this weekend. It was so much fun to run through you in my heels and skirt, to splash through your puddles as I made my way to the restaurant, to watch you fall through the window as I sipped wine and chatted with friends. Come again soon.

Dear Roux,

No, you cannot have an extra breakfast. Stop meowing.

Dear Macbook Air,

I love, love, love you so.

I hope you all have a great week!

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