Category: Random Thoughts

  • Play Date

    Today Lindsay and I celebrated the end of her most grueling semester ever. We went grocery shopping together (yes people, we actually think that’s fun), then walked to Whole Foods for lunch. Lindsay had a salad and an amazing soup…Roasted Eggplant Soup. I had a crabmeat California roll, which was super-yummy, although I was a […]

  • Things that are very difficult to do with a broken wrist

    Tie your shoes. Button your pants. Shave your left underarm. Brush your teeth. Floss. Wash dishes. (Hooray!) Sign a credit card receipt. Sleep comfortably. Eat with a fork. Shower. Cut up a cantaloupe. Use scissors. Take photographs. Use a mouse. Start a car. Fasten a bra. Blog.

  • So, really, no more monkeys jumping on the bed.

    I guess that’s what I get for making fun of Justin’s broken thumb. I went to the orthopedist today, and after poking and prodding my wrist, he found a tender spot and decided I needed x-rays. He thinks that I might have fractured some obscure little bone in my wrist, and decided that I needed […]

  • It’s a girl!

    Congratulations to Rene and Rochelle Carlin, proud parents of new foodie-to-be, Penelope Lucia Carlin. She was born on April 25 and is currently being spoiled by her one and only aunt, Leti. I got to hold Penelope for a bit on Friday afternoon, and she was definitely cuddly and cute, with super-long fingers and toes […]

  • Babies!

    I met my friend Cynthia at Threadgill’s last Friday, just to chat and catch up a bit. We worked together at WIC back in the day, and now we’ve both moved on to happier lives. She’s expecting a baby boy next month, and I just wanted to wish her and her husband congratulations! In other […]