Category: Random Thoughts

  • A day in the life of a happy person

    Yesterday I rode my bike to the bed and breakfast, to see whether it would be do-able for me. I was there in 15 minutes. How cool is that? It was a great ride, too…it’s still not excruciatingly hot outside, so it was nice and cool, and the breeze was perfect. On the way back, […]

  • My new adventure

    Sorry for the blue not-so-great photo above, but I just had to post something before I exploded, and it’s the only picture I had. What you see before you is my new place of employment…or one of them anyway. I am now cooking and serving breakfast at two bed and breakfasts just a few minutes […]

  • In the rough

    This weekend we went camping for the first time in forever. We slept in a tent, snuggled in sleeping bags, toasted marshmallows, cooked over an open fire, went hiking, swam at the springs, and had a great time. I’ll post more about it later, but for tonight, I’m exhausted, and I have an early morning […]

  • Wishing

    Last night I was treated to a wonderful birthday dinner with my husband and a few of my close friends. After a scrumptious dinner at East Side Cafe (I gorged on the brie and chutney appetizer), we went to Chad and Lindsay’s home for a homemade, chocolatey yummy birthday cake prepared by (who else?) Leti. […]

  • Happy birthday to me…

    Just me, wishing myself a happy birthday. Today I’m 27. Much closer to 30 than 20. Getting a little scraggly around the edges, maybe some wrinkles? Last night I dreamt that I found a white hair on my head and said, “My first white hair! And on my birthday even!” I was not happy about […]