Category: Random Thoughts

  • Not your mama’s baby shower…

    I was lucky enough to be invited to a baby shower hosted by my friend Leti this weekend. Now, most of the time, I would dread baby showers or wedding showers or anything that might be uncomfortable, where I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, eating pastel mints and canned peanuts. But in the few […]

  • Let freedom ring…

    photo by justin The past week has been full of changes for me. I left my job as a community nutritionist, which I had started one year ago (to the day). I decided that I was ready for a change, for a new challenge, and possibly even a new career path. I was tired of […]

  • Why poco-cocoa?

    This is us, Justin and Crystal, hopelessly in love with each other and with life itself. Justin has created this blog as a place for me to store all my thoughts and ideas, recipes and crafts (probably because he is hoping to put an end to the piles of sketchbooks and journals scattered around our […]