So, really, no more monkeys jumping on the bed.

I guess that’s what I get for making fun of Justin’s broken thumb. I went to the orthopedist today, and after poking and prodding my wrist, he found a tender spot and decided I needed x-rays. He thinks that I might have fractured some obscure little bone in my wrist, and decided that I needed a splint for about three weeks. I thought, “Oh, a splint, that’s not so bad, Justin had one and he could take it off every now and then.” Then the nurse said, “Lay down on the table.” I knew it was going to be bad after that.

He wrapped it all up and put some goopy stuff on it and rattled off the “rules of cast-wearing”…do not get it wet, do not stick objects in it to try to scratch anything, do not hit things or other people with it.

I thought about appealing to his emotions, trying to explain that I’m claustrophobic and that I would possibly go crazy and rip it off at some point, that it really didn’t hurt that bad anyway and that I promise to keep it very still…but by then it was done and my fate was sealed.

I don’t even know how I hurt it. My friends and I have three theories:

  • I slowly weakened it during yoga classes, while contorting myself into positions I probably shouldn’t have been in.
  • I injured it when I fell down during our camping trip (it did hurt then).
  • I injured it when I fell down the escalator at J. C. Penney during a recent trip to the mall. Nobody saw it, but it did hurt.

At any rate, I’m tired from pecking at the keyboard and worried that I won’t be able to work tomorrow (how am I supposed to wash dishes or empty the huge coffee pot or slice cantaloupe or even wash my hands??!?), so I think I’ll take my little Robo-cop arm to bed.

4 responses to “So, really, no more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

  1. Lindsay Rodgers

    Oh, my poor Crys! Why don’t you let ME cook on Wednesday?

  2. hey, baby girl, why didn’t you call me. I did not know you had been hurt that bad. I bet it was number three where it happen. love you.

  3. Or maybe from your washer throwing!? Aww… sorry about your wrist. I hope it gets better quicker.

  4. I’m so sorry! I know this doesn’t fit well into your lifestyle and work. Sometimes things like this happen so that we can fully appreciate (again) the small beautiful things in life. (comforting thought, and you might not want to hear it) but there is ALWAYS someone out there who is worse off! You’ll be back in action in no time and I’m sure you will say “Thank you Lord for this arm!”. Have a great day!

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