Play Date

Today Lindsay and I celebrated the end of her most grueling semester ever. We went grocery shopping together (yes people, we actually think that’s fun), then walked to Whole Foods for lunch. Lindsay had a salad and an amazing soup…Roasted Eggplant Soup. I had a crabmeat California roll, which was super-yummy, although I was a little bummed that I couldn’t use my chopsticks.

After Whole Foods, we headed to Buffalo Exchange, one of our favorite thrift shops in town. We each found clothes that we couldn’t live without, and of course we spaved a lot. (Spaved: to spend in order to save, as in using coupons for things you wouldn’t normally buy, or buying two of something because it’s buy one, get one half off).

Then it was home to cook dinner, which was scrumptious…I’ll post that tomorrow.

Afterward, we went to the movies to watch Crash. It was very aggressive…it challenged my beliefs and my comfort level. I haven’t seen a movie that raw and unsettling since Hotel Rwanda, which, coincidentally, also stars Don Cheadle. I have been consistently impressed with his work lately. Anyway, Crash is definitely a movie you should see, but maybe not take the kids to. It will open your mind a little, and provoke you to question your own beliefs. I hope.

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