Category: Random Thoughts

  • Happy birthday to me…again!

    I love gifts that keep on giving. For my birthday this year, I received a lump of funds from my parents, and a Barnes & Noble giftcard from my sister and her family. It took me quite a while to decide what to do with those funds. Here it was, the chance to buy whatever […]

  • Sold!

    Just FYI, the boombox is going to my dad for his pickup truck…it seems fitting since he’s the one that bought it for me in the first place, about ten years ago…

  • Going once, going twice…

    Does anyone out there need an old, but perfectly good boombox? Our spring cleaning turned up a few things we’re ready to get rid of, and this boombox, my very first CD player ever, is one of them. It’s actually a CD/radio/tape player, so it has that retro feel. It’s pretty big, about 2 feet […]

  • I love my shoes

    Now, I love my job, but after five or six hours of standing on hard tiled floors, I was coming home with an achy lower back and tired feet. I had been wearing my Nike Shox, and I figured they would do the job, but not so. By Saturday afternoon, I sounded like I was […]

  • My love-hate relationship with my computer

    Just a post to say…I hate computers! I just wrote up a whole blog with several links and a photo and everything, but somehow it’s gone, not saved, nowhere to be found. So you all have to wait to read another exciting post until I have the patience to try it again. Ugh. Computers. I […]