Category: Random Thoughts

  • Endless Packing

    So it looks like we’ll be moving on January 2. We’re super excited, and kind of antsy – we hate being in limbo! We’ve been trying to pack a little bit every week, which means we’re surrounded by half-packed boxes. And there’s still so much stuff! How do we accumulate so much STUFF in such […]

  • November in Austin

    On Friday we decided to take advantage of this lovely “fall” weather and take a walk downtown. We trekked to the park and watched families play cricket, soccer, football, frisbee – and then we walked to Juliet for dinner. I’m really going to miss this patio, and this particular rosé, and these particular bartenders, and those perfectly […]

  • Let’s get this party started

    I’m looking at these empty boxes, and at my bajillion cookbooks, and I’m wanting to just take a nap.

  • Indianapolis!

    Something new for me: lots and lots of travel. I’ve been flying to Indianapolis every couple of weeks to meet with investors and our software development team. I’ve slowly been learning my travel preferences and how to keep sane through flight delays, weird hotel issues, and crazy weather. This time, I stayed at a bed […]

  • A Whole New World

    Hello friends, family, coworkers, and other lovely people! Welcome to my lovely new space!  As you may (or may not) know, Justin and I have been happily living in Austin TX for around 15 years, mostly in the same neighborhood, mostly doing freelance/remote work. I started working with an amazing executive assistant company called 33Vincent a few […]