Endless Packing

So it looks like we’ll be moving on January 2. We’re super excited, and kind of antsy – we hate being in limbo! We’ve been trying to pack a little bit every week, which means we’re surrounded by half-packed boxes. And there’s still so much stuff! How do we accumulate so much STUFF in such a small space?!

Our loft in Greenville has 2 bedrooms. We’re excited to have a space for people to stay in when they come visit (come visit!), and even with all this stuff we have, we think we’ll need more stuff to fill up the loft. It’s a conundrum.

In other news, I’m cooking again! Lately I’ve been relying on a vegan meal delivery service, restaurants, and Favor for our meals. I’ve just felt stressed out and worn out. But something changed this weekend, and I am READY to be back in the kitchen. So it was chili beans and rice last night; pancakes this morning; field peas with kale and potatoes tonight. And I’m considering making some oatmeal-chocolate-chunk cookies now. Once you turn on my kitchen switch, it’s hard to turn it off. 😀 #cantstopwontstop

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