A Whole New World

Hello friends, family, coworkers, and other lovely people! Welcome to my lovely new space! 

As you may (or may not) know, Justin and I have been happily living in Austin TX for around 15 years, mostly in the same neighborhood, mostly doing freelance/remote work. I started working with an amazing executive assistant company called 33Vincent a few years ago, which has produced a sister company (yet-to-be-named), that will be an amazing software-community-education-awesomeness platform for executive assistants everywhere. Those of you who are familiar with executive assistants know that they work hard, get little recognition, and don’t have any tools specifically crafted for them. We’re going to change that!

As Chief of Staff, I’ll be working with our CEO to create this company from the ground up – and that ground happens to be located in Greenville, SC. Because I am super excited about this company and my role, and because it turns out that I don’t love airplanes all that much, Justin and I are relocating to Greenville for the next 6-12 months as we get this company started. 

Had we ever considered Greenville as a place to live? NO. Had we ever thought South Carolina was where we’d end up? NO. Did I ever imagine that I’d be flying to Indianapolis every two weeks for meetings? NOPE. But here we are, and we’re super excited for this new phase of our lives. I know we’ll be physically a bit further away from all of our family and friends, so I wanted to create this little blog as a way for us to update you on what we’re doing/eating/drinking/thinking in our new digs. Here we go!

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