November in Austin

On Friday we decided to take advantage of this lovely “fall” weather and take a walk downtown. We trekked to the park and watched families play cricket, soccer, football, frisbee – and then we walked to Juliet for dinner. I’m really going to miss this patio, and this particular rosé, and these particular bartenders, and those perfectly fried chickpeas. 

I’ve already started thinking about which restaurants we’ll want to visit first on our trips back to Austin. For example, we eat at our local cafe, Cipollina, at least once a week; but would we seek it out if we didn’t live around the corner? I’m not sure. I definitely would want to return there to say hello to all the waitstaff, who are pretty much family now. (When we walk in, one of the waiters always says, “Oh, honey bunny!!” and gives us hugs.) 🙂

I know that we’ll find new favorite places in Greenville, and that (hopefully) all our favorites will still be here when we return, but I’m wondering what we’ll miss the most. Probably all the bartender/waitstaff/manager friends we’ve made at so many Austin restaurants over the years. Well watch out, Greenville, because we’re coming for YOU! (You WILL be our friends.) 😀

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