Something new for me: lots and lots of travel. I’ve been flying to Indianapolis every couple of weeks to meet with investors and our software development team. I’ve slowly been learning my travel preferences and how to keep sane through flight delays, weird hotel issues, and crazy weather.

This time, I stayed at a bed & breakfast near our office downtown, which was lovely! Since I cooked at a B&B for a couple of years, I’m now really comfortable with them, with meeting new people over breakfast, and feeling like I’m staying in someone’s home. The first morning, Jeanne (the host) made a lovely spread of fruit, soufflé, bacon, sausage, an orange roll, juice, and coffee. She also played the piano while I ate – I felt so spoiled!

The next morning, Jeanne wasn’t feeling good, so her husband Tom cooked breakfast:

I loved this little cheese omelet. It’s just happy stuff.

Apparently I brought ICE STORM 2018 with me to Indy…

I arrived to freezing temperatures and lots of sleet, and awoke to an icy world! Schools were closed, people were late to work, and my hosts decided it was too icy for me to walk to work, so they dropped me off. 🙂 And that afternoon, it snowed! I just kept staring out the window and giggling, and my team (who’s used to snow) was so amused by it. They asked, “when was the last time you saw snow?” I have no idea.

I had lunch with a few of my design and software engineering peeps – we walked over to City Market and had some delicious poke!

I don’t really mind dining alone, and I’m grateful for that. I just bring some crossword puzzles, or text Justin while I eat, and I usually sit at the bar and chat with the bartenders. Usually when I travel to Indy there’s no time to go out for dinner on my own, but this time I got to do just that. I had been wanting to try Bluebeard, as I heard the food and cocktails were great, and the whole restaurant has a Kurt Vonnegut theme. (Lurve.)

Bay scallops with roasted tomatoes and parmesan, plus spaghetti with creme fraiche and parmesan. SO good.

The bartender told me about his “birthday cocktail” – a negroni riff made with Plantation Pineapple rum, Gran Classico, and Chartreuse. So of course I had that with dessert.

This chess pie tasted like the inside of a pecan pie!

One thing I’ve learned about travel is that you walk A LOT. Through giant airports, from hotels to offices, to lunch, etc. I ended up ditching my pretty boots and buying some Chucks as I was walking to dinner one night. 

More Indy adventures to come!

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