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  • Introducing…Miette!

    This is our new baby. She was one of four kittens that we found outside our office, thin and hungry and seemingly alone. A few of us stayed late one night to play “Capture the Kittens,” and then we found homes for all of them. I loved Miette from the beginning…she was definitely the most […]

  • Birthday goodies

    Look at how generous and lovely my loved ones are! Shara and Rob bought me this cool book: Fun, fun, fun! I’ve been wanting this book forever…I can’t wait to cut up Justin’s t-shirts. 🙂 Leti gave me this fabulous chocolatiere, an awesome ceramic pitcher with a frother inside specifically for making hot chocolate…and preferably […]

  • Long weekend

    **One day under the weather, visiting the doctor, and getting a massage **Three rented movies: Talladega Nights, The Devil Wears Prada, and An Inconvenient Truth **An infatuation with the costume design in Devil Wears Prada **An insane love/hate relationship with the character Miranda Priestly and Meryl Streep’s portrayal of her in Devil Wears Prada **A […]

  • Happy Christmas

    Christmas in Austin this year: **Rainy days **Stockings for me, Justin, and Roux with little goodies inside **Baking mom’s sugar cookies and smothering them with frosting and sprinkles, a collaborative artistic effort 😉 **Cinnamon rolls and knitting on Christmas morning **Wonderful gifts, including a gift card to Barnes & Noble (Oh, how I love books) […]

  • A mighty fine weekend

    Check it out! We have a teeny tiny deck attached to our garage apartment, and this weekend we decided to make it more usable. Justin rigged up a really cool canopy-shade thing that rolls up and away when we don’t need it, and he extended our bench to be a larger space for lounging. I […]