Long weekend

**One day under the weather, visiting the doctor, and getting a massage

**Three rented movies: Talladega Nights, The Devil Wears Prada, and An Inconvenient Truth

**An infatuation with the costume design in Devil Wears Prada

**An insane love/hate relationship with the character Miranda Priestly and Meryl Streep’s portrayal of her in Devil Wears Prada

**A long walk downtown and breakfast at Las Manitas (with horchata, of course)

**A visit to the Austin Museum of Art, where we added to the art exhibit…Justin’s art:

My art:

**Walking, and walking, and walking

**Walking to the capitol to cheer on our friend Natalie in the AT&T Austin Marathon (Justin rode his bike twenty miles to cheer her on at different positions)

**Sore calves and ankles from so much walking

**Being sad that there are no more handmade Valentine’s chocolates from my coworker Sandra

**Buying way too many chocolates at Whole Foods

**Buying a new cookbook that is totally inspiring (Arabesque)

**Getting passport photos taken

**Planning a grocery list, doing laundry, sweeping, and daydreaming

3 responses to “Long weekend”

  1. Sounds like you were busy! Hope you’re doing well. Wanna get some photos of you in my wares soon…especially before we leave?!

  2. Passport photos were invented specifically to torment me.
    I hate when I have to renew…..usually takes me 3-5 attempts. And it’s not because I’m insanely vain, I just hate the idea of looking like a prisoner for the next ten years.

    So glad you’re back to posting 🙂

  3. I loved the devil wears prada. .. . . I saw it before I started my new job. . . . I have been introducing myself as “the new Dottie” . .. . inspired by the movie. The lady I am replacing laughs all the time when she hears it, but it works.
    Glad you are posting again.

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