Tag: Justin

  • Twelve

    Yesterday was our 12th anniversary. We’ve been married a dozen years! And still, he’s my favorite. We celebrated with tons of food – dinner with a friend at Parkside, drinks with the guys at Fino, dinner at Fabi + Rosi, brunch at Foreign & Domestic, dinner at Justine’s. We even had drinks with our friend […]

  • Thursday

    This probably doesn’t mean much to anyone but me, but I finally organized the bag situation at Casa Brasil. It made me so happy to see all those bags in their own little spaces. 🙂 Breakfast at Joe’s Bakery: picadillo taco and bean and cheese taco. After our early-morning jaunt to organize coffee bags, we […]

  • Saturday

    Errands downtown, crawfish boil, coconut and cream snow cone. Hello, summer! 🙂

  • Derby Day

    We had so much fun at the Tipsy Texan Derby Day Party! Lots of gals in great dresses and hats, and dandy-dressed guys, and mint juleps and hot browns and horse races. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. 🙂

  • Letters #4

      Dear Husband, I love how peaceful you look when you sleep. I love that you wake me up from nightmares and hold my hand the rest of the night so I won’t be scared. I love how you laugh at my nerdy jokes. I love how you love The West Wing. I love that […]