Breakfast: soy mocha.

Lunch with S. and A. at Beets Cafe (raw food paradise): zucchini hummus with veggies and flatbread.

Kale salad. So fresh and yummy.

ELT (eggplant, tomato, lettuce, avocado on flatbread); sweet potato chips, delicious sauerkraut). Somehow I didn’t take a photo of the chalupas, which were my favorite.

Dessert: chocolate “cheesecake” and a brownie. Holy smokes, the cheesecake was fabulous.

Dinner: scrambled eggs with gruyere, toast with butter. We ran into Tyson Cole the other day at Central Market, and he said he’s on a gruyere kick. He recommended it with eggs, and I have to say, it’s lovely.

Dessert: homemade chocolate chip cookie. I had one of these as my afternoon snack, too.

Can I eat at Beets Cafe every day? K thx.

3 responses to “Wednesday”

  1. The food you had at the raw food restaurant looks absolutely amazing.

    1. It was! I’m anxious to go back already.

  2. greenery, chocolate, and breakfast for dinner.. All lovely ideas!

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