Breakfast: potato and cheese taco. I picked all the cheese off. My friend M. brought this for me – he’s really sweet.

Lunch at Clay Pit with Lindsay: buffet stuff (potatoes and peppers, coconut veggies, rice, dal, naan). The yellow lentil dal was so delicious. Aside from the food being great, it was wonderful to hang out with my friend.

Dinner: Pizza Hut! Justin has been craving Pizza Hut for weeks now, and I never let him have it. Today seemed like a good Pizza Hut day. I had half cheese, half sausage-mushroom. Justin had pineapple-jalapeño and Buffalo wings. We have a TON of pizza leftover.

I’m still trying to get used to this cold weather. We live in a very small place, but we only have one space heater, so it gets chilly at night. We turn the oven on when we’re in the living room, and we threw extra blankets on the bed. I’ve been falling asleep hugging the heating pad, and then Justin turns it off when he comes to bed. It’s not worth getting another heater – it’s supposed to be back in the 60s by Sunday. Crazy Texas weather.

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  1. Isn’t it crazy!! This whole week we have been ranging from 8-30 degrees!! Nighttime is horrific at below 0!

    1. Yikes! Dad says it was 1 degree today when he left for work. You guys keep warm!

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