Brunch: pancakes with syrup and bacon.

Snack: steamed cauliflower. I didn’t want to fill up right before our supper club, and I was chopping cauliflower, so I steamed a bit for a snack. Potatoes boiling in the background.

Supper Club: Antonellis’ cheese and antipasti plate.

Suppli with marinara and mozzarella.

Suppli are mozzarella-stuffed fried risotto balls. Seriously good.

Vintage bubbly.

Ribollita with parmesan toasts.

Tuscan steak with arugula and marrow butter, Brussels sprouts with salt pork, white beans with garlic oil, and smashed potatoes with rosemary.

Dessert (not pictured): Vegan chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling.

More photos of supper club here.

2 responses to “Sunday”

  1. The second shot of suppli and the picture following it literally made my mouth water.

    Also I’m trying to incorporate more pulse into my daily meals, so it’s really nice to look at how you eat your beans (and what kind of beans you eat).

    1. Thanks! It was quite mouth-watering. As for beans, we cook them a lot at home – you’ll probably see more of them in the coming days. 🙂

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