Lunch with B. and L. at Abel’s on the Lake: I’ve never been here before, but they had a dog-friendly patio and B. and L. knew of it, so we went. It was chilly on the patio! Anyway, this is chips and queso and my bloody Mary. I actually didn’t eat any of this – I didn’t like the queso, and I totally forgot when ordering this very pretty bloody Mary that I don’t really like vodka, either. So I gave it to L. and let them eat the queso (L. said it was a very good bloody Mary). 🙂

Lunch, continued: I did, however, eat this avocado cheeseburger with fries. It was a huge burger, so I didn’t finish it, but it was very good.

Dinner: Ramen with poached egg. I learned how to do this all in one pot from Ai’s blog.

Snack: a chocolate covered doughnut. It was meh – it wasn’t Hostess brand. See both the kitties in the background? They were poking around in the corners.

Kind of a junk-food day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually eat a vegetable. 🙂

6 responses to “Sunday”

  1. That avocado cheeseburger looks like heaven… and is that a CAKE donut?!

    1. Yes! They come in packages of 6, and there are also some covered in powdered sugar or coconut. 🙂

  2. Hey! I see some green in that burger…you had a little veggie!

    1. You always see the bright side of things. 🙂

  3. those are some garnishes on that bloody mary! holy moly.

    1. I know! And I didn’t even eat them because I gave away my bloody Mary. I wanted the pickle!

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