Lunch (I never wake up in time for breakfast on weekends): leftover mac and cheese with turnips and sweet potatoes.

Snack: crescent roll with jam. Still using up leftovers from the zombie party.

Dinner: We went to our first Martineau & Bird event at Red Bluff Studio. The pizza was by our friend Christian’s Bola trailer; salads by Elizabeth at Rainlily Farm/Farmhouse Delivery.

Dinner 2: After the event, we stopped by our friend Aaron’s new bar, The Grackle to check it out. Our friends Paul/Moto/Eric are now operating another East Side King trailer just outside the bar, with a new, really fun menu. This is the instant ramen with pork belly, eggs and scallions. How fun is that?

Dinner 3: And this is the the chicken yakitori – juicy grilled chicken, topped with chicken cracklins, plus Philippine pickled cabbage, and kewpie mayo atop rice topped with bonito flakes and furikake. This was INSANELY good.

Dessert: two Oreos.

2 responses to “Saturday”

  1. I’m so eating pizza tonight…bad influence, Crystal! 😉

    1. I love being a bad influence!

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