Category: Random Thoughts

  • The Hummus Bowl

    There are a billion versions of the grain bowl / Buddha bowl / nourish bowl / veggie bowl. This one is our current favorite. It’s mostly based on this version from Good Eatings – but basically, it’s: A big wide bowl, smeared with whatever hummus we’re into at the moment Roasted veggies (tossed with oil, […]

  • Mama’s Tamales

    Every Christmas, my mama makes tamales. It’s just kind of an expected thing, and I never thought twice about it, until recent years. My mom is now 71 years old. I have no idea how that happened – she’s still just my young, amazing, strong mama. But 71 is not 31. And making tamales isn’t […]

  • New Year’s Eve!

    I totally missed posting about the new year. At the last minute, we decided to stay home, make dinner, and see if we could peep some fireworks from our balcony. We had no groceries. So we raided our pantry and fridge and came up with what turned out to be a fantastic dinner. I whipped […]

  • Vixen’s Wedding

    Welp, that was a crazy start to 2020. Somehow January seems like it’s been 87 months long, full of stress and travel and surprises – and it’s only January 18! Such is life. I thought I should post a bit about Vixen’s Wedding, since we are there so often that the bartenders know our drink […]

  • Field Peas in Parmesan Broth with Angel Hair and Kale

    One time, I saw a gorgeous photo of a dish on Tumblr or Pinterest or Instagram or some other place (I have since found the photo on 101 Cookbooks, of course – one of my favorite blogs), and I didn’t have any info about it – it just looked delicious. So I decided to try […]