Vixen’s Wedding

Welp, that was a crazy start to 2020. Somehow January seems like it’s been 87 months long, full of stress and travel and surprises – and it’s only January 18! Such is life.

I thought I should post a bit about Vixen’s Wedding, since we are there so often that the bartenders know our drink orders when we walk in. 😀

Interestingly, the drink photo I have is not of our usual drinks. Don’t get me wrong, this one is lovely, but I always opt for the Goan Places (white rum, lime, pineapple, coconut water), and J always gets a Last Word (surprise).

This spot has become our go-to hangout. Whether we stop in for some cheese pao or samosas before heading home, or we opt for a full (amazing) Goan-inspired dinner, we’re always happy.

Even better, there are super comfy couches on the patio, and some nights, we manage to arrive just in time for there to be a fantastic jazz band playing across the street at Whisler’s. And so we sit on the patio, drink amazing cocktails, listen to tunes, and bask in Austin loveliness.

And the food! The ceviche with crunchies (up top) is insane – but our favorite is the mussels with potatoes and chorizo, with a side of the turmeric sourdough for dipping.

The staff is awesome, the food and drinks are amazing, the ambience is lovely. We are SO happy to have this place downstairs. 🙂

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