Author: Justin

  • Autumn leaves

    I am so excited…we are finally, finally going on a trip to see the autumn leaves in New England. We’ll be going in October, and our current plans include: **Flying into Burlington, Vermont and renting a car. We’ll try to visit the Shelburne Museum and have a sandwich at the Red Onion. **Driving down Vermont […]

  • Just thinking

    My days have been so full lately…lots of work (fun work, but work, nonetheless), time with friends, time at the gym (yay me!)…I am having a great time in my life right now, and I am not finding so much time to come here and write. I’m still writing, but I do it in handwritten […]

  • Green and white, unite!

    We had a very green dinner tonight. Spaghetti with pea pesto, which was nice and creamy, without a hint of basil. Next to it, we have pan-grilled haloumi with lemon and dill. Oh, haloumi…such a fabulous cheese. It reminds me of paneer, salty and chewy and tasty without being sharp or bitter. After dinner, I […]

  • Oh, happy Monday

    Today was a pretty good day. I had a busy but productive day at work, and then came home to make this lovely dinner with my husband. It’s so fun to cook together…we turn on some tunes and start cooking. I chop stuff, he mixes stuff. I saute, he peels. And after it all, he […]

  • My weekend, in a nutshell:

    See you on the flip side.