Using it up

Tonight we had a delicious meal, made up entirely of stuff we needed to use up. I had already missed out on my gorgeous tomatoes…I came home to find they had juiced all over their bowl and were being attacked by gnats. I didn’t want the same fate to happen to any of my other farmer’s market produce, so I threw it all in a pot. It worked well, served over rice and topped with a bit of Parmesan cheese.

Instead of a recipe, how about a narrative?

Peel and mince a couple of cloves of garlic. Do the same with a couple of shallots. Toss them in a pot with some olive oil, and start to heat it up. Throw in a diced bell pepper, and let it sizzle a bit. Grab a good handful of yard-long beans and slice them into 2-inch pieces. Add them to the pot. Open a can of diced tomatoes with Italian herbs (Muir Glen is nice) and a can of cannelini beans. Toss both of them in the pot without draining. Add a bit of salt and freshly ground black pepper, maybe some dried basil and oregano if you feel like it. Stir it all up and let it simmer for 20 or 30 minutes. Serve over rice and top with some grated Parmesan.

A few things that have tickled my fancy lately:

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Beautiful photos of simple breakfasts…

Imagining how great this zine will be when it arrives at my door…

Reading and rereading words from my favorite food writer

Daily food updates from this great site

Reading about world travel

Perusing lovely goodies

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

3 responses to “Using it up”

  1. I was drooling over simply breakfast just yesterday. My breakfasts have never looked so amazing- maybe that’s why I’m not a breakfast person. Hmmm.

  2. haha, nice recipe..err..narrative. good things come from using up what you have

  3. Thank you so much for the link – you have a lovely site! And what a delicious narrative you’ve put together.

    We hae the same problem right now with some farm tomatoes and peaches… have to use them up quickly!

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