Just thinking

My days have been so full lately…lots of work (fun work, but work, nonetheless), time with friends, time at the gym (yay me!)…I am having a great time in my life right now, and I am not finding so much time to come here and write. I’m still writing, but I do it in handwritten letters to pen pals around the globe, or in the squares of a crossword puzzle before bed.

I’ve been busy. And it’s a good busy. I think I had it burned in my mind that being busy is a bad thing…that life should be chill and laid back and relaxing. I feel a little guilty that I’m enjoying myself so much, and I’m not sure why. I like going to work; it’s challenging and fun, and I feel like I’m doing something I’m really good at. I like spending time just talking to Justin, and dreaming, and planning, and talking some more. I like hanging out with friends, and becoming friends with the people I work with. I’m busy, and I like it. Who knew?

I think that just a few months ago, I spent a lot of my time online, poking around on a zillion different blogs, posting, and coming up with new meals to cook so that I could post some more. I was crafting, and thrifting, and reading, and lazing about. Now I’m all caught up in the non-virtual world, and I guess that’s a good thing.

If any of you are still out there, thanks for checking in on me. I’m good. Really, really good.

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  1. I love checking in and finding that you’ve updated…..and if you haven’t, I peruse your recipes. You don’t have to write daily or even weekly to keep people interested, this blog is a wealth of inspiration 🙂

  2. 🙂 i know what you mean

  3. Remember I once wrote you a mail, asking you questions about your brownies?
    Yeah, turned out they came out PERFECT (yours is the only brownies recipe I keep and make now!) and that I frequently come to visit your blog, to see what you’ve been up to!
    This last one was a fiiine post, I don’t know why but I felt so good for you, maybe I just felt the relaxing mood in it, that I think I’m gonna sleep pretty good tonight (2 minutes from now, that’s it), lol
    Your whole blog is pretty cute, and I wish you the best!
    Auguri, dall’Italia 😉

  4. Enjoy your time any way you can! We’ll still be here whenever you can update!

  5. I am so glad that you are so content with your life. It is refreshing. I agree with Jodie, you don’t have to post daily or weekly to keep my interest. I will keep checking, and look forward to the next time we hear from you, whenever that is.

  6. online life SHOULD supplement real life–fret not, crystal! just enjoy this special time you’ve found in your life and show us your souvenirs on the rainy days…

  7. Hey Crystal,

    I’m really glad to hear your doing so amazing! Kind of sad that i don’t get to read a new blog daily, but more importantly happy that your happy! Have a great day!!


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