Happy things

Roux is very prim and proper. He likes to sit in boxes and survey his domain.

Little just flops anywhere and everywhere.

10 things that make me happy:

  • My mom’s stories of angry haircuts.
  • Having the most gorgeous husband on the planet.
  • Receiving mail (physical, stamps-and-envelopes mail).
  • How annoyingly attached Roux is to me, because even though he can be overbearing, it’s so lovely to be loved by a cat.
  • Having friends.
  • My new Vera Wang orange jelly shoes that I got for super-cheap.
  • Washi tape.
  • Other people’s hopes and dreams. (Buy that house! Open that ramen shop! Just be yourself!)
  • Making green juices, and actually liking them.
  • My perfectly cozy home.

    6 thoughts on “Happy things

    1. connie

      oop! Mail! I have been remiss my friend! I promise to get on that! And let me say that I love love love that font you have as your header. Fab.


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