Corpse Reviver #2

So we finally bought some Lillet blanc, so that we can make Corpse Reviver #2 cocktails at home. It’s one of the first classic cocktails we tasted, and is still one of our favorites.

The recipe is really easy to remember – equal parts (we use 3/4 ounce) of Paula’s Texas Orange (or Cointreau), Lillet blanc, gin, and lemon juice, plus a few drops of absinthe or absinthe substitute (we use Pastis). You shake it all up with ice, and strain it into a cocktail glass. I adore my vintage glass that I found at Goodwill…

…as well as my little owl timer that my sister gave me! He’s so cute, and when the time is up, he rings very nicely, just once, then winds down.

Anyway, we really like Lillet. I was excited to see that Justine’s (warning, their website is quite horrid on the eyes and almost impossible to read) has Lillet and a Lillet cocktail as an aperitif, as well as a Mauresque (pastis with orgeat syrup). Ever since I first saw Madame Suzanne make a Mauresque at The Two Windmills, I’ve wanted to try one. Come to think of it, we have pastis and orgeat syrup, so we should try making it at home! And also, we should go to Justine’s soon. (Escargot! Pork chop! Twinkle lights!)

Did I mention that I’m a hopeless Francophile? Well, I am. 🙂

4 responses to “Corpse Reviver #2”

  1. I had myself a Lillet & Gin cocktail last night as well! Enjoy the liquid tastes of summer!

    1. Ooh, was it just Lillet and gin? I’ll have to try it out…

  2. I love that Lillet cocktail at Justine’s – I always start every meal there with one. I had never heard of Lillet until I dined at Lillet in New Orleans several years ago. When I inquired as to the name of the restaurant, they brought me a small pour to sample. I’ve been hooked ever since.

    1. I’m interested in trying one! I wonder if it’s Lillet and Cointreau?

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