I’m behind on sharing my iPhone photos! Here are a few:

One of my coworkers went to Ikea and brought back these crackers and a tube of smoked roe. We all dutifully tasted it and all wished we hadn’t.


Guys. This is my new favorite thing. My friend Nat brought a Kinder Happy Hippo for me, Rachel & Erin one day, and I think it’s the best candy in the WORLD.


I loved this snippet from Bon Appetit. Can’t you just feel that autumn chill and taste that lovely lobster?


I got rid of all of these nail polishes. Some of them were super old. Like, years and years. But I kept them because MAYBE! I’ll USE them! SOMEDAY!


Rachel & I went had a quick lunch at Papalote. Everything was great – though super spicy for me. I think Justin would love it.


Roux loves popsicles, because sometimes when we finish them, we let him lick the sticks. But then he hovers like this hoping for a lick.


He’s just patiently waiting for mine.


Erin read my star+gate cards. It was super eerie, because everything made sense! That damned serpent. Now I want a deck of my own.


She also gave us these cute little birdcages! We hung them all up in front of our window and filled them with air plants and little monitos (toys/figurines). I love them! Air plants don’t die easily, right? 🙂


One night we ate dinner at Elizabeth Street Cafe, and the next morning we had leftovers for breakfast. It was kind of perfect – baguette dipped in curry, Vietnamese iced coffee, and a kouign amann. It was not a great version of the pastry, but it made me reallllly want to go back to Portland and have the one at little t.


This is why I sometimes can’t make the bed.


This week is Texas Tiki Week! We managed to get these lovely drinks at the Tigress just before the crowds descended and all hell broke loose. Everybody loves tiki!


This weekend I’m headed to New Orleans for a bachelorette party! It’s my first solo trip, my first girls’ weekend, my first bachelorette weekend. I might be seriously hungover when I get back on Sunday night. But hopefully I’ll have lots of photos and maybe a video!

2 responses to “Lately”

  1. What an exciting first! Darius and I have never taken solo trips since we’ve been together either. Glad to know there are other weirdos out there like us!

    And I have to ask–what popsicle flavors does Roux like best? I might have to start letting our kitty, Lentil, have a lick or two!

    And yes, those Happy Hippos are the best! My brother’s wife gave me some for my birthday several years ago and it was love at first bite. She had them for the first time in Jerusalem, of all places. I know that retro candy shop on S. Congress carries them, and I think World Market does too.

    1. Roux likes any flavors that have dairy in them! So I guess more like ice cream bars. But he’s a sugar fiend – he will try to eat anything sweet!

      Thank you so much for the Happy Hippo sources!! I’m in love with them.

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