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  • October 12

    I missed class and the film. But being alone was the perfect medicine. Comments are off for a bit.

  • Green

    Kodak 400, Yashica FRII Do you guys read Habit? It’s one of my favorite blogs. I love the idea of posting a photo, then some words, which may not have anything to do with the photo, but sum up what the day was like. I might start doing that every now and then, when I’m […]

  • thankful thursday, and blue

    Yashica FRII, Kodak 400 Hi internets. I’m tired. I don’t feel great. I would like to crawl into bed and just stay there for a few days. Still, I am thankful. Today I am thankful for: Justin Chocolate Pajamas Macaroni and cheese The quilt my grandma made me Weekend plans My cozy home October

  • I love film. And cats.

    I had been wanting an old film camera for a while, and I had read that Pentax and Yashica were good options… so I found a Yashica FRII on Craigslist and snatched it up. I’ve had it for months, but haven’t had a chance to play with it. I finally took it with me the […]