Kodak 400, Yashica FRII

Do you guys read Habit? It’s one of my favorite blogs. I love the idea of posting a photo, then some words, which may not have anything to do with the photo, but sum up what the day was like. I might start doing that every now and then, when I’m not feeling wordy.

All of these photos were taken with my Yashica. The top three are from a walk with Justin in our neighborhood. The bottom two are from our trip to Blanco State Park this past weekend. It was so serene and relaxing. I’m ready for more of that nature stuff.

4 responses to “Green”

  1. Are you going to go through the rainbow? Please do. 😀 I read Habit as well, it’s so simple and elegant. It’s like a 365, but much more epic.

    1. Maybe… we’ll see if I have any other colors going on in my photos…

  2. Another beautiful little collection of photos!

    I’ve never heard of that blog before, but I just added it to my Google Reader. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! So glad you’re liking Habit…it’s so insightful and somehow still vague and lovely.

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