The Backspace

Dinner at the backspace a few nights ago. I tried out a 50mm lens. I’m still undecided about it.

We ate olives (that came still simmering in a cast iron skillet, plumped and delicious);  meatballs covered in breadcrumbs, marinara and cheese; pizza with tomato sauce, garlic and oregano; and hazelnut budino. It was delicious, and cozy, and romantic, and fun. The pizza is really great, but my heart belongs to the budino.

2 responses to “The Backspace”

  1. Ugh, obsessed with dessert in a jar! I have seen them all over recently – cupcake in a jar, cake in a jar, pie in a jar! I need to make myself some soon and then give the majority away.

    1. Right? They’re just so cute.

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