Recent Eats #3

Croissant with fig jam, coffee.

Sandwich (rosemary bread, roasted pork loin, tomato, butter lettuce, mayonnaise) and strawberries.

Conchas (Mexican shell pasta) with tomatoes and cheese, avocado, and tortilla.

Late lunch at Zocalo Cafe – watermelon agua fresca and Negra Modelo.

Fresh chips, queso and salsas.

Crispy beef tacos for me, seared red snapper for him.

Iced latte from Caffe Medici, along with goodies from Renegade Craft Fair.

6 responses to “Recent Eats #3”

  1. I went to Renegade in Austin on Saturday and was so hoping to see you and meet you! I did get to meet Abby from Abby Trys Again, she was very sweet. Hope you enjoyed it:)

    1. Aw, man! I was there from maybe 3 – 7pm… I’m so sorry I missed you! Yes, Abby’s a sweetheart, and isn’t she so cute while she’s expecting? 🙂 Are you in Austin? We can always meet for coffee or tea…

      1. I think we may have left around 3 and Abby was super cute with her belly:) I am actually just up the road in San Antonio, but I am planning to go back this summer for a strictly food excursion, there were so many places I wanted to go. Maybe next time I go we can plan a meet up, I would love that! I lived in Austin for one summer in college and I loved it but that was ’99 and I feel like Austin has changed alot since then and not in a bad way, just different!

      2. Yes, do let me know when you’re in town! We’ll eat and eat. 🙂

  2. You had me at fig jam

    1. Right? I’m totally addicted to this stuff.

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