Lunch at my second home, aka necessary omega 3s

So I’ve been trying to get more Omega 3s in my diet. I know I could just pop a pill, but I hate pills, so I’m trying to fit in fatty fish twice a week (usually at lunch). This seemed like a good reason to visit FINO for lunch (they have salmon on the menu!).

This is my favorite view: the bar at FINO. I love sitting at the bar. If I have a choice, at any restaurant, really, I will sit at the bar or counter.

I had some fried anchovy-stuffed olives and sparkling water to start.

And then I had seared salmon with roasted peppers and a basil aioli.

Not a bad way to get in my essential fatty acids. 🙂

By the way, have you seen Refueled magazine? It’s really cool.

2 responses to “Lunch at my second home, aka necessary omega 3s”

  1. I actually think that salmon is my favourite fish. (Fish, but not seafood. That would be scallops and shrimp.)

    1. Mine changes often, but at the moment, salmon is on top. As for seafood… oysters, all the way. 🙂

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