This morning we had toast and jam for breakfast. Justin had some healthy fruit and yogurt. I decided to put Jeni’s salty caramel ice cream in my coffee instead of creamer. It was awesome.

Today I thought about how everyone is an expert in something, and all of us are completely useless in something else. I can’t recognize any cars except Mini Coopers and VW Beetles. I can’t name any NASCAR driver except Al Unser Jr., and that’s because his name is often a crossword clue. I don’t know who won the Super Bowl. I don’t know the difference between drywall and plywood. I have no idea whether a wine is a Chardonnay or a Riesling. But. I can taste Pernod or Pastis in a sauce. I can tell you with one taste whether something has olives, or anchovies, or cilantro. I can tell you how duck confit is made, the recipe for a sazerac, or what sweetbreads are. I can navigate through most menus, appreciate a good wine pairing, and look at a recipe and tell whether it will work out well or whether I’ll like it. I am an expert in food and eating. There could be worse things.

I have been working really hard at breaking the rules. I’m not driving on the wrong side of the road or shoplifting or anything, but I am breaking my own arbitrary rules. I often don’t even realize that I have set these rules for myself: do not eat at chain restaurants. Do not wear red lipstick in the daytime. Do not spend the day reading a book. Do not admit to liking chocolate martinis. Do not eat Cheetos. Do not fight back, say what I think, or disagree with others. Do not drink sodas. Do not order caramel lattes at fancy-pants coffee shops. Who made up these rules? What good do they do?

I bought a pair of pants covered in flowers. I wore red lipstick to the store. I stopped at Sonic to have a corn dog and a cherry limeade. I spent a whole day reading The Night Circus (seriously one of the most fun, inspiring, whimsical, lovely books I’ve read in a long time). I love Utz potato chips. I had a caramel mocha, and I loved it. I wore thrifted clothes to a fancy dinner. I argued with a friend about something I believed in. I put ice cream in my coffee.

My new mantra is: BREAK THE RULES.

I am so inspired by the latest Diner Journal. It’s all about menus. The introduction, written by Nick Perkins of Marlow & Sons, reminded me how fun it can be to make do with what you have. Right now I think the only fresh veggies we have are a yellow onion, a half a head of green cabbage, and Italian parsley; we have quinoa and wheat berries and canned beans. I’m thinking about cabbage ton-pei yaki, quinoa with beans and fried onions, wheat berries with brown sugar and cinnamon. I love inspiration.

I decided not to do a weekend moments video this weekend – but you should know that I attended a soft opening of Olive & June (fabulous), had drinks with girlfriends at Vino Vino (the charcuterie plate was insane), found a bajillion great things at a couple of thrift stores, and plan to go thrifting again tomorrow. I hope your weekend was just as wonderful!

10 responses to “Weekend”

  1. I am all for your new mantra, especially the adding ice cream to your coffee:)

  2. Sounds great although I love to watch your videos!! Miss you and hope to go see you soon!!

  3. Spending the day with a book
    is definitely a rule to abide by.

    Loving your new site design!

    1. Thanks! It’s a work in progress today. 🙂

  4. I love the idea of breaking rules! I really hadn’t thought of how many rules I had until you mentioned the idea of breaking them. eek!

    I love your new site design!

    1. It’s amazing how many little rules we make for ourselves – and it’s so fun to break them! And thank you!

  5. Break the rules!!! You are too awesome to have limitations. The world deserves an unabashed dose of Crystal.

    1. Look out, world! 🙂