I like Takoba’s happy hour prices, their fresh shrimp ceviche, their queso fundido. I do not like their margaritas made with orange juice.

I saw a guy waiting at the bus stop one night, playing with a light-up yoyo. Down, up, down, up, around, around, down, up.

We saw two older men, one with a ponytail, one with a Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tour t-shirt, leaving Whole Foods with a full basket of beer and goodies. One turned to us and said, “Do NOT come in here when you’re hungry. And do NOT come here after smoking a joint.”

I just found out that aside from fantastic fruta con chile y limon and amazing rusas, F&F Fruit Cups makes REAL pickle juice snow cones. With real pickle juice, and little bits of diced pickle all mixed in the ice. I CAN’T WAIT.

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  1. This comment is really for the Aug 11 post..
    I read your blog pretty regularly and you don’t know me from Adam..
    I love it because it reminds me of my beautiful wife and her many interests..
    I also love the restaurant reviews as they have always been trustworthy when seeking cool new spots in Austin..

    I can kinda relate on the Blogging post…Allthingsfried is a photo blog of mine visited by maybe my parents and some family, I have updated it most days since about 1997 in various iterations and locations I recently moved to word press in march.. sometimes its a chore… sometimes its fun..overall, for me its always been just an outlet.. a place to post photos I took..and look at.. and reminisce when I need a smile..
    Keep up the good work and thanks for posting!

    1. Thomas, thank you so much for commenting! I am feeling so much better about keeping this personal blog out there. 🙂

  2. 1. Ewwww pickle juice snow cones?!?!?
    2. I love that octopus! It’s so pretty!
    3. I swear that we used to have a tablecloth just like that when I was a kid.

    Also, I had a few comments about your last post:
    2. I agree SO MUCH with your views on blogging and we went through that same thing… Do we want to be part of the blogging “scene”? Do we need to market ourselves? Do we want to be a food blog? In the end, we decided that we just wanted to keep our blog personal so that our family and friends could see what we’re up to. It’s so strange nowadays that if you have a blog, people try to get you to make money with it somehow. It feels so much more fulfilling to me when it’s just a journal. And when Darius and I are bored, we love just hitting the random button and looking at our old stuff!
    3. Darius and I are taking a “marriage trip” too! We’re going to Montreal for a week in December and plan on spending the week just like you–walking around, exploring, eating, popping into whatever looks good, etc. Those are my favorite trips!

    1. Hey Nicole! Yep, pickle juice. Love it. And thank you for your comments – I also love having this blog as a journal to look back on.

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