There and back again

Hallllooooo! Vacation over.

I read this post yesterday, and it really helped me understand how I was feeling about blogging in general.

I’ve been blogging forever and a day. Or about 7 1/2 years. It used to be really fun, and then it seemed more like a chore, and then I didn’t know what I wanted to DO with my blog. It seemed like blogs suddenly became these THINGS – these tools for making money, or for aggregating other people’s content, or for showing the work of professional photographers or chefs or craftspeople.

And here I am, with this little personal blog that I’ve had forever – I’m not a professional photographer, or chef, or craftswoman. I just like to write about life, and thoughts, and ideas. I just want to share with my mama the things that I’m doing and seeing and eating. I just want to have a visual diary to look back on and enjoy later. And you know what? That’s okay.

This is not a food blog, a restaurant blog, a recipe blog, a photography blog, a poetry blog. It’s just my blog. And those of you who read it probably read it for that reason. So thank you.

So guess what?! I got a new computer! A Macbook Air, to be precise. I love it so much already – it’s about 72 pounds lighter than my old clunker, and it’s cute and it’s fast and it works and it’s mine. I’ve had Justin’s hand-me-down computer for a while now, so buying this new one for myself was so hard. Spend that much money? On ME? Crazy. AND! I bought the perfect laptop sleeve for it. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

That photo up there is from my friend Erin’s house. Every time I develop a roll of film from my Yashica, I go on and on about how I should really take more film photos, and how great they look, and all that jazz. And then I don’t pick up my Yashica for months.

I love this post about a marriage trip. Justin and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary next week! And we’re taking a trip to Portland, OR in September, just the two of us, and I am thinking of it as a marriage trip. We plan to just hang out – find a daily cafe, eat a doughnut for lunch, walk around the city, watch people go by, and talk and laugh and play. We’ll also have to work a bit, but as long as we have wi-fi, we’re good. I’m so looking forward to traveling with him, exploring a new city with him, and having him all to myself for a whole week. I do love that man.

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  1. It is precisely for the reasons you list here that I’ve been enjoying your blog for over a year now. There is something magical in the intimacy of sharing such everyday details and I appreciate that reading your blog is a promotion-free experience!

    1. Thank you, Mallory. I feel the same way about yours. 🙂

      1. I am completely honored. 🙂

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