Hooray for swaps! My far-away friend Laura and I decided to do a handmade cookbook swap, with a few of our favorite recipes inside. She sent me the package above…just look at all that beautiful paper! I tried very hard not to tear it as I was unwrapping, because it is just so gorgeous.

Laura’s recipes came attached to this beautiful hand-painted canvas cover:

All of the recipes are handwritten, and have more of that fabulous paper attached to them (did someone say chocolate?!):

And many of them have an Asian theme, which goes perfectly with all the goodies she sent!

Clockwise from top: Gorgeous card, set of colored pencils with an Asian menu printed on the back them (they’re the COOLEST pencils I’ve ever seen), sushi tissues, a tiny tin container, the recipe book, and a kitten bookmark. So fun! The bookmark is already in the book I’m currently reading.

In return, I sent her this book:

Filled with handwritten recipes…

And photos…

Plus a few goodies as well.

Clockwise from top right: the recipe book, Mexican pasta shells, a CD of some of my favorite tunes, traditional Mexican peanut butter candies, my favorite canned green salsa, a Popeye candy bracelet, and a container of chile-salt to sprinkle on fresh fruit.

Mail days are always good days…thank you so much, Laura!

14 responses to “Mail!”

  1. Cool Beans!! Your cookbook looks awesome!!!

  2. What a fabulous swap idea! Love the painted canvas cover. And the goodies you sent your friend are fantastic!

  3. Wow. Crystal – love the cookbook you made and the one you received. They’re both so beautiful! I wish I were crafty…

  4. Gorgeous! I love that they’re hand-written. But I might also be tempted to use one of those “hand writing fonts” to produce multiple copies. That’s the practical side of me … sorry!

  5. So awesome! hey go check out my dance performances this weekend on Fri/Sat at Dougherty arts Center… just call to reserve seats! You’re so creative, crystal…I just love your stuff!!!!

  6. thanks pc for taking the time to document these swaps for us, both coming and going. the creations are a delight and the images get my creative juices flowing–a real service you provide!

  7. omg, this is the coolest thing ever! if only i could convince someone to do a swap like that. both of the cookbooks are absolutely beautiful. you can just see all the time and care that went into these. let us know about your experiences with the recipes!

  8. Thanks, everyone! Swaps are awesome, no?

  9. Gorgeous!! Swaps are absolutely awesome! Now I’m so inspired…

  10. Oh my gosh–this is such a fantastic swap idea!

  11. Oh, I LOVED the cookbook you gave to your friend, such a nice gift and SO PRETTY!!!
    Do you by any chance sell these type of cookbooks? I mean, like a blank cookbook qith that pretty cover so that I can add my own recipes and pictures in it?!

  12. Thanks so much everyone! Ana, I haven’t thought of selling anything, though maybe I should! For this cookbook I used a thrifted children’s book and covered each page with pretty paper. I suppose using a cheap journal would be easier…

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