Internets? Are you still there?

We’re still here, doing a whole lot of nothing. It’s been so hot that cooking seems like torture…turning on the stove heats up our little house like a space heater. So there are no new recipes to share, as we’ve been mostly snacking on sandwiches, cereal, and other such non-cooked items.

As for crafts, I have been working on some things, but as they’re Christmas presents for people who might read this (yes, I’m actually getting an early start), I can’t post pictures just yet.

We have been spending time with friends, having potlucks and movie nights, or evenings outdoors listening to live music and chatting. We even made it to the theater to watch Lady in the Water, which we loved. Of course, we love all of M. Night Shyamalan’s films, so that was no surprise.

So anyway, I was just checking in to let you know I’m still here. Hopefully this week I’ll have something creative to share with you, whether it be a recipe, a crafty creation, or maybe just some fun links. In the meantime, enjoy this (super-hot) summer!

13 responses to “Hello?”

  1. Where are you shipping Roux?!

  2. Hi there,
    Seems like Texas has gotten its’ share of heat lately….just stay comfortable for a while and take it easy. Love, dad

  3. Hope it cools down sometime soon. Oh dear, I better get crackin’ on some Christmas gifts!

  4. It has been so very hot. . . everything looks so pitiful. . . even me sometimes.

  5. Elizabeth Bugay

    Your kitty is beautiful. I’m out of town and missing my sweet dogs. It is hot. Whew! I too have started on Christmas presents. I would tell you about the pattern and material but I think my sister-in-law, Monika, reads your blog!

  6. haha… Roux’ben and his boxes… 😛 I agree, it is so hot. Fortunately, the yard doesn’t grow as fast durring hot weather either so I don’t have to go mow the yard every weekend. Crys, I am exploring video podcasts.. I may have to give you a call soon. 😉

  7. What a cutie! Roux is adorable, and shares a love all of things cardboard with my kitty I see. What is it about cardboard that inspires our cats to get up close and personal?

    He’s adorable Crystal, and enjoy your low-key time. I don’t know how you Texans survive summer really… ugh. 🙂

  8. Glad to hear you liked Lady in the Water! I’ve been wanting to see that!

  9. Oh, I know how you feel about the heat. I’ve been trying to make things that only require the microwave or no cooking at all! In fact, we’ve made a version of your 7-layer dip several times–it’s become one of our staples!

  10. Cute picture of Roux. Head start on Christmas huh? That’s forward looking.

  11. oh i feel the same way, crystal! i usually don’t eat out very often, but cornelius and i have been eating out almost all the time for the past couple of weeks. it’s way too hot to cook and it’s kind of nice giving things a rest. i’m amazed at your christmas craftiness, tho! wow.

  12. You both made terrific looking books! Swaps are the best 🙂 I’m addicted!

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