Christmas at my sister’s house

We spent Christmas weekend in west Texas with my family. My sister hosted us, and it was lovely – spreads of finger foods (including shrimp cocktail especially for my dad and me), beautiful sugar cookies, decorations everywhere, a tour of the best Christmas lights in the town, asado (red chile pork) cooked outside on the disco (a sort of outdoor wok that my dad welded together), and two games of Mexican train dominoes. We shot some video of how my dad makes asado – I’ll get it edited together and posted this week (I hope).

I’ve been taking more photos with my Yashica film camera, and I’m really loving the process and results. I’m hoping to take a lot more photos with it from now on. Though, to be honest, I’m hoping to get a 50mm lens for my Canon Rebel, in which case I may be taking more digital photos. We’ll see.

4 responses to “Christmas at my sister’s house”

  1. I love your photos. Vibrant colors and cool composition.

  2. These photos are gorgeous!

    Also…is that a gummy bear at the end of one line of dominoes???

    1. Thank you! It’s actually a train – it’s a version of dominoes called Mexican Train, which we loooooove playing.

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