Breakfast: buttered toast.

Lunch: leftover lazy lasagna.

Snack: a piece of a Rolo from my coworker’s candy bowl.

Dinner: potato-leek soup and toast topped with cottage cheese.

Dessert: bites of cherry pie.

Garage band – Tonight we have to hang out with our headphones on because our neighbor is practicing with his garage band. They’re mediocre at best – kind of wedding-band-Americana-rock. It’s so loud, it’s impossible to escape it unless we leave the house or put on headphones. So, I’m grateful for headphones. I haven’t been listening to much music lately, and now I’m finding new songs I like.

Oranges for colds – I think I’m getting a cold. I woke up with a scratchy throat and itchy ears (I actually had a dream that I was poking my own ears with a sharp object, and when I woke up I realized my ears were achy), and as the day went on, I was more and more achy. I should eat oranges and multivitamins but instead I might have a cookie. And so I’m grateful that I’m an adult and can choose to have a cookie instead of an orange.

Fully stocked pantries – I always love it when we first get groceries, because there are so many options of things to eat, but then I get overwhelmed. I want a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast! No, toast! No, oatmeal with strawberries! No wait, a soymilk-banana-strawberry smoothie! Cherry pie! Chocolate cookies! Ham sandwiches! Crackers and cheese! I love options.

Cats and tuna – When Justin makes tuna salad, he cuts the tuna packet in two pieces and lets the kitties lick off the leftover bits of tuna and juice from the packet. They love this more than life itself.

4 responses to “Tuesday”

  1. Cutest tidbit ever about kitties and tuna.

  2. So I caught a glimpse of the toast and cottage cheese and thought “Hmm…. Toast with melted marshmallows on it? Maybe it is some new way of making smores?!”

    1. Well… maybe on a sweet bread? 🙂

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