Lovin’ the lentils

Boy, there is nothing less expensive and more satisfying than lentils. (Well, maybe there is something, but let’s pretend there isn’t.) I made this soup last week in an effort to spend less and eat healthier. Mission accomplished.

I love the subtle flavors in this soup. The roasted garlic is mellow and deep, the spices add a bit of complexity, and the shot of Tabasco at the end livens it up a bit. I found the recipe in my Cooking Light 2006 annual, but there’s an exact replica of it here; maybe this spa is where Cooking Light got the recipe? Anyway, I used regular brown lentils instead of black lentils and parsley instead of epazote.

Here in Austin, it’s been cloudy and drizzly and cool, just the way I like it. In the evenings I sit out on our little patio and think. I listen to the water fountain, unwind, and dream. I’m really good at dreaming…I excel at coming up with ideas and plans and projects. I’m not so great at actually completing those projects, but I always have fun starting them.

Let’s see…there was the Pantry Project, which was created to help me clear out my pantry and use up what I had. That worked for a while, but fresh produce and new recipes and fun ingredients lured me back to my old ways. I found a can of cranberry sauce in my cupboard today from Thanksgiving…how do I use that up?

I also started Project 365, which somehow turned into Project 33. It takes me 33 days to lose interest in a project, folks.

I have a purple scarf in the works that’s been in the works for quite some time now, and at this rate it may not be ready to wear by next winter. I have a few brand-new erasers that I bought for stamp-carving, and they’re still in their package. I have an unopened box of freezer paper for stenciling fabric…not sure when that’s going to happen.

There was Wardrobe Refashion and my little knitting group, both of which fizzled out in a few months. Have I ever mentioned that I got halfway through training to become a personal chef? And halfway through training to become a yoga instructor?

So I’m a little wishy washy. And easily bored. But there is one thing I have stuck to: this blog. There have been months when the posts were skimpy, and months when I cooked nearly every night. There have been almost-quittings and weeks of quiet, but somehow, I still turn to this little blog for comfort and a sense of completion. My two-year blogiversary came and went on March 7th. Two years of writing and cooking and crafting and sharing. Thanks for sticking around, dear internets. Hopefully there will be lots of unfinished projects to come.

5 responses to “Lovin’ the lentils”

  1. Those lentils look delicious…and happyblogiversary!

  2. That soup does look delicious. Nothing like a good bowl of lentil soup for a yucky weather day.

  3. I need to get Jeff to like lentils – I keep having to skip over too many recipes!

  4. Thanks, Vidya! These lentils are looking yummy…maybe it’s time to cook them again… 🙂

  5. Dang! Now I have a craving for lentil soup.

    I really do love your recipes 🙂

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