Category: Recipes

  • Finding my crockpot, again

    It’s not that I misplace it, really, it’s just that I forget that I have it. And then, every year or so, I realize that it’s there, and I use every week, until I don’t. And then the cycle repeats. So, hey! I have a crockpot! And I made beef stew, and lo, it was […]

  • BLTs, potato salad and daquiris

    This was such a good meal… and it was one of those thrown-together-at-the-last-minute things, too! I made BLTs… just bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on toasted bread. It felt like such a treat somehow. I used up some red potatoes and green beans from our Farmhouse bin… I just boiled them up separately until they […]

  • Blackberry Cobbler

    Oh, summer fruit, you make me so happy. Our last Farmhouse bin contained a basket of blackberries and some peaches. I used them in this cobbler… and now I am determined to make cobblers ALL THE TIME, using this recipe. We loved the biscuit-y topping, and I imagine just about any fruit would be great […]

  • enchilada soup and mai tais

    We made this a while back… Yes, I know it’s a weird mish-mash of cultures to have enchilada soup with mai tais. Still, it was yummy. I wanted to use up the leftover cooked chicken we had, and found this recipe in my Evernote. I am currently in a Southern/Home Cookin’/Crockpot/stir-in-a-can-of-cream-of-mushroom-soup phase. As for the […]

  • Quick chocolate pudding

    Next time you’re craving something chocolatey, whip up this dangerously easy pudding. Below is a super-precise recipe. (Kidding.) Also, kitty cats like to sit next to you when you eat pudding, or anything milk-based. That’s just how it goes. Microwave Chocolate Pudding for One 1/2 cup milk 1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch pinch of salt 1/4 […]