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  • April tunes

    Hello, hello! Today I should be in Canton, Texas, browsing through vintage goodies, hanging out with my family. Instead, I’m at home, unable to bear a long car ride because of my lovely sciatica. This is one of the only times I really feel like I’m getting old… like my body’s wearing out on me. […]

  • march tunes

    We bought the vinyl version of Vampire Weekend’s Contra… it’s so very good. So perfect for a beach vacation. 🙂 I’ll be away from my computer on March first (far, far away on a white sand beach)… Here’s what I’m listening to this month. Click on the button labeled “My Tunes” to play the songs […]

  • most amazing song and video

    Blood by The Middle East. So heartbreakingly beautiful.

  • february tunes

    New playlist for February is available through the link on the right labeled “my tunes.” Enjoy!

  • music and film

    I am completely in love with La Blogotheque. I’ve seen a few of their videos before, but I think I’ll spend the rest of the day browsing their archives, listening to awesome music that has been produced in amazing locations, with raw, beautiful film footage. Each show is called a “Take Away Show,” and they’re […]