The simplest thing

There’s just something awesome about roasting a chicken. It feels comforting, smells amazing, and tastes like home.

I decided to try this recipe, from an awesome blog called Thursday for Dinner. I love this blog…it’s all about preserving cultural and family recipes through video. My favorite cook is Eva, the cutest little Greek woman I’ve ever seen. I watched her make this roasted chicken recipe and knew I had to make it, too. I’d love to video my mom and grandma making tamales, enchiladas, menudo, empanadas…but they’re so camera-shy that I know they’d put up a fight. 🙂

Anyway, the chicken recipe is really easy…no trussing or stuffing or basting needed. The potatoes and carrots end up being really lemony and flavorful, and the chicken is delicious as well. To use up some of the leftovers, Justin cut a bit of the potatoes and chicken in pieces, poured in some broth, heated it up and made a great little lemony chicken soup. I just ate my leftovers as-is, because I was hungry and couldn’t wait for the extra steps of making the soup. I have one more serving of leftovers packaged up for lunch tomorrow…and already I can’t wait for lunch!

In other news, I read A Thousand Splendid Suns this weekend. So sad and painful and heartbreaking. I didn’t like the end, though…it was just like The Kite Runner, in which the author dragged me through all kinds of pain and hardship with every page, then tried to create a semi-happy ending that just didn’t fit. I like happy endings, but not when they seem forced. It was still a good read, though. I’m starting on Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper, but I’m not sure whether I’ll like it…seems like a possibly depressing book. 

I also added a music playlist in the links on my sidebar (Music I Love, under poco-cocoa stuff), where I’ve updated my current favorite songs. It’s a cool way to find new music (or at least maybe it will be new to you). I’ve also added movies I’ve recently seen…hmmm, I’ve been watching a lot of foreign films lately. 

Okay, everyone, time for bed before the big, big day tomorrow. Happy MLK day, and happy Inauguration Eve! 🙂

3 responses to “The simplest thing”

  1. Speaking as a woman whose mother is gone. . . . record your family. . . . do everything you can to preerve those cultural recipes and ways. . . . do it before they are gone. . . . the only memories I have are in my head. . . and what Iwrote down as my mom dictated to me.
    You will never regret recording those memories.

  2. Hi.. my name is George, Eva is my mom. I printed this post out and gave it to her to read (she doesn’t use a computer).. It made her day, thanks for the kind words – I’m really glad you enjoyed it.. all the best

  3. Sicilian, you’re so right.

    George, I’m so glad Eva read my post! I just love her videos, and her roast chicken was so delicious. I’m very thankful that she is sharing her recipes with the world!

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