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  • Music Monday

    Hola internets! I’m still trying to figure out how to embed music in my blog. There’s a plugin for WordPress that I should be able to use, but there’s something funky about my blog template that’s causing it not to work. Maybe by next week I’ll have figured it out! Until then, I’ll keep embedding […]

  • Music Monday

    So usually I try to create a full 8Tracks playlist on the first day of each month, for that month. But now I plan to make the lists retroactively… each Monday, I’ll share a song or two that I’m feelin’ at the moment. Then at the end of the month, I’ll toss them all into an 8Tracks […]

  • July Tunes

    I’ve made a new music mix for July. You can get to it using the “my tunes” button on the right, or by clicking here. (Can you tell that I love Vampire Weekend? And the Eclipse soundtrack? Yeah, well.) Happy listening!

  • June Tunes

    Ah, summer. It’s here with a vengeance in Austin, and so this month’s tunes are a bit summery, I think. Click on “my tunes” over on the right to have a listen! (Or you can click here.) I gotta say, I’m especially adoring #6 and #13 right now. And I”m especially loving the cover of […]

  • May Tunes

    I’ve uploaded new tunes for May! Click on over to “my tunes” on the right, and enjoy! Also, a quick note to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! Have a great weekend, internets!