Letters #20


Dear Husband,

Thanks for taking long walks with me, and for washing the dishes, and for cooking, and for cleaning the litterbox, and for carrying the laundry, and for being an amazing designer, and for having great hair, and for making the best margaritas ever.

Dear Cats,

I realize that the nights are a bit chillier now, but if you could just sleep somewhere other than GLUED TO ME, that would rock. Husband is just a few inches away, and you could glom onto him, and then I could actually flip over in the middle of the night without being tangled up in a flurry of cat feet.

Dear Fall Weather,

I am SO glad you’re here! Even if you’re close to 80 degrees during the day, and sometimes you rain, and the leaves are not red and yellow, and all that jazz. You still make me want to take walks, and drink hot tea, and wear something other than tank tops, and ride my scooter. You rock.

Dear Craftiness,

I think I’ve found you again! I’m knitting a giant scarf, and have plans for a little blanket, and I’m planning to collect pieces for a quilt, and possibly sculpt something out of paper, and oh, if you could help me out with making thrift store clothes fit perfectly, that would be awesome.

Dear Public Library,

I wish I could express my love for you. With your new books section and your awesome typewriter that’s free for me to use, and your rows and rows of information and words and photos and loveliness, and your general generosity with the knowledge and the books and the words and the insight. Thanks.

Dear Austin Film Festival,

I am READY for you. I’ve got my schedule all planned out, and I’ve watched the previews, and I’m excited for all the new films you will bring. But please, PLEASE don’t cause any injuries to my husband this year. K? Thx.

3 responses to “Letters #20”

  1. Re kitties–YES! My kitty keeps sleeping on my head and eating my hair in the night. I keep waking up with little strands poking out that are only two inches long!

    Re craftiness–sewing is an awesome skill for someone who likes to thrift! I actually just found three great things at Goodwill yesterday that I plan to “refashion.” If you need help figuring out how to do any adjustments, let me know! 🙂

    1. Oh no! You’re going to have a pixie cut by spring! I’ll take you up on that refashioning offer! I’m usually hoping to resize something, which shouldn’t be too difficult, but we’ll see.

      1. Resizing is really fairly simple! Most of the thrifted things I’ve resized have been as simple as shortening the hem, taking in the side seams, and maybe adding a few darts. Even if you’ve never done these things before, they really are simple to learn! And I’ve found that even when you make little mistakes, the clothes generally fit so much better than stuff straight off the rack anyway, that nobody notices the mistakes!

        Have you sewn any clothing before? If you haven’t done much clothes-sewing before, I highly recommend the Colette Handbook (http://www.amazon.com/The-Colette-Sewing-Handbook-Techniques/dp/1440215456). It does a great job of showing a variety of skills for sewing clothes, and it even comes with several patterns. The patterns aren’t much my style as they’re a bit too elegant for me, but it’s invaluable for it’s great explanations and demos. I still reference it for techniques all the time!

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