Veggie Tuesday

Today’s Farmhouse Delivery was so lovely to see. We’ve been eating out quite a bit, and haven’t had many veggies in the house, so all these greens look so dang delicious. Sadly, some of our order didn’t arrive, and so we’re still waiting on butter, eggs, sauerkraut and hemp seeds.



Roux wanted some greens, too.


An afternoon of cooking produced roasted beets, sautéed kale and beet greens, cooked broccoli, carrots, and sugar snap peas, washed lettuce, and a jar of beet stems pickling away. Still to do: use up a head of cabbage, a bunch of cilantro, and a bunch of green onions.


I’m thinking of stuffed cabbage leaves and a slaw, a scallion sauce, and salsa. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. When I have cabbage and cilantro, I throw em in a pot with a sliced onion and a can of tomatoes, garlic, and seared meatballs – my version of albondigas. (Garnish with half the cilantro.) It’s our favorite comfort soup.

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